Dynamic Fluids is a motorsport plumbing brand who sell online using ecommerce site Ebay. They wanted a rebrand, and also website design. They wanted to maintain their original colour palette (red & blue), but needed a more professional look and feel. 
I worked hard to maintain the brand’s original, well known colour palette and typeface, only making minimal changes. I created some custom, minimal line illustrations of some of their products. This is used as a background in a lot of their instagram stories, digital posters and even on their business cards.  I also photographed their products using professional equipment, and edited them accordingly using photoshop to showcase the products in a more professional way. I had never done web design before this project, but overall I am really happy with the outcome. The site features the brand’s colours in a clean, crisp layout. 
You can check out the website and socials for yourself below for the full rebrand experience.​​​​​​​
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