Writing a Dissertation has generated a lot of content and forms an argument. This project is an opportunity to create a piece of editorial design utilising this content with an aim of showcasing your Dissertation. Consider format to create a grid structure and typographic hierarchy in order to bring the Dissertation to life. This will demonstrate your aesthetic judgement as well as the necessary software skills for multiple page document production.
My dissertation focused on how much Instagram influencer marketing increases product sales. In this piece of editorial design, I’ve used a 6 column grid with 8mm margins, and 6mm gutters. I really wanted to include this soft, calming pink tone throughout my piece of editorial as I feel that it’s really inviting and almost highlights the manipulativeness that I talk about within this chapter of my dissertation. I have made appropriate use of typographic detailing such as running heads, subheadings, pull-out quotations. I have also paid close attention to detail in terms of the typesetting, making sure there are no widows or orphans and considering the rag of my body copy.
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