Employ both critical and speculative design methods to identify a design problem or challenge, and then utilise graphic communication skills in order to create a critical response.
My dissertation topic focused on Instagram influencers paid partnerships or “ADs” with brands and how this can be a successful marketing tactic. However, I also discussed the issues that surround the marketing tactic when it comes to the disclosure of the partnerships. This idea of misconception and lack of disclosure is the base of this project. Instead of only having to disclose that a post is paid or endorsed by including “ad” in the caption, influencers would have to display how much they had been paid for the specific post or campaign, along with having a warning on paid posts. The idea plays on the “sensitive content” warning page which conceals a post which may contain sensitive content. The idea would be that it “warns” the viewer that this specific post is a paid promotion of a product or service, and not just an organic recommendation.

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