Bwlch Newydd is a holiday cottage in rural mid Wales. They started their business in 2016, but more recently wanted to update their social media with some branding rather than just photography. The main deliverable was business cards. The colour palette was pale yellow and baby blue, and the style desired was illustrative and calming.
I visited the property to take some first hand photographs to reference when illustrating the cottage. I then went on to illustrate the property using my iPad. Once I was happy with the illustration, I then added in some classic, serif typography to display the property name, in the baby blue colour to match the property’s doors and windows. The client also wanted to add in the words “holiday cottage” subtly on the front of the business card. On the reverse, the clients wanted the contact details to be very clear and easily readable, so a minimal, clean sans serif typeface was used. I also created a custom watercolour illustration for the clients to display within the cottage.
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